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Giorgi Kvirikashvili: Integration into European community remains highest priority
Integration into the European and Euroatlantic community, protection of human rights and expansion of the rule of law remain highest priorities for the work of the Georgian government, according to prime minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili.

In the course of reorganizing the cabinet and a new distribution of positions, at least in parts, the prime minister addressed the parliament and gave a statement, explaining the main focus of his new team’s agenda.

Along with the topics above, the government declares to do everythin possible in order to consolidate the recently strong growth of the Georgian economy. Georgia, claims Kvirikashvili, has the potential to become a major hub in world trade as it has not solely been the volume of exports to the EU that has risen 20 percent since the free trade agreement was signed. The turnover of goods to and from Asia is also increasing continuously. Through developments such as the train line Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (Link) and the construction of the first Georgian deep-sea port in Anaklia, he continues, Georgia is going to become the major transition point of the new silk road and a logistics hub to the region. An assessment increasingly shared by international economists.

Alongside, the power of innovation of the domestic economy is to be enhanced and effectively used. Start-ups are to be promoted further. „One-stop-shops“, similar to the civil service centers, which have found much attention, are to offer all services, which are needed by the free market economy, which will further guarantee efficiency, as well as transparency.

Last but not least, agriculture, environmental protection and comprehensive reforms in the Georgian education system remain central points of the legislative program. Especially the vocational training is to be improved further. In this aspect, Georgia follows the example of Germany. The number of students at Georgian schools recently increased sharply – „a trend, which reveal the appeal of the vocational training system for the participants – the trainees as well as the training organization. Herein lies a great deal of economic future“, said the prime minister.
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